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Here's How We Can Pray for Miracle

By M. Grace
on March 08, 2017 22:03 PM

(credit: Pixabay)

There can be miracles when you pray!

There is no actually perfect formula when you wanted to experience miracle. Since your spiritual belief and journey is unique then the method you need for praying miracle will be unique too.

You need to develop a prayer routine which you truly understand. It is also helpful to pray persistently, precisely, passionately, positively and of course, do not forger to praise God.

1.       Pray passionately. When you pray, allow to be moved by God's almighty power and be blessed. Pray with your hearts open and be receptive. If you want to cry then go ahead. Express how you feel right now and do not hold back.

2.       Pray positively. When you pray, trust that God hears your prayer and that he will answer it in His time. Avoid negative thoughts when praying. Instead just confess your doubts and fears. Remain focused on how strong your belief is that you allow God to accept your prayer.

3.       Pray with praise. You can praise God by singing, chanting a prayer and doing a good deed. Make Him know that He is worthy of all the praises and that show you are committed to Him.

4.       Pray persistently. Pray every time. God can hear you anywhere and anytime so pray not because you have an extra time and you are not busy but pray because you are persistent.

5.       Pray precisely. Be clear on what you want. It would be better if you say what you want and not say it and then when the time comes, you will end up blaming God for not answering your prayer with the same thing you asked for.

6.       Pray with patience. Take note that God answers yes, no or wait when we pray. Waiting for miracles can be frustrating but do not lose your hope in God.

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