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Christopher Yuan to Share His Life Testimony in a Crusade in HK

By Ruth Wang
on March 08, 2017 02:03 AM

Christopher Yuan: (credit:

Theology professor Christian Yuan will be sharing his life story in a crusade gathering in Hong Kong this April. 

Dr. Yuan Youxuan or more commonly known as Christopher Yuan is expected to appear at a crusade gathering entitled “No Longer Me” on April 30 in Hong Kong. Yuan will be sharing his life changing story on how he stopped being a gay and drug dealer and how he became a professor of theology in a seminary. 

Yuan’s story has been shared many times online. He is a son of Chinese immigrants and had been engaged in homosexual activities and drug trafficking. He has also been in prison and caught AIDS while incarcerated. His mother had kept praying for him for 7 years after he called her after being sentenced. His mother recorded so many things on the list for Yuan to reflect on and according to his story, she used so much paper which, when stacked together, are higher than herself. As he was in the lowest level of his life, he turned to God and asked to be freed from sin. 

Yuan’s story was also written in his biography, which says:

What many would consider their worst nightmare has become a reality for Christopher Yuan. While attending dental school, he began living promiscuously as a gay man and experimenting with illicit drugs. Within a few years, he was expelled from dental school, imprisoned from drug dealing and discovered that he was HIV positive.

But God has turned his nightmare into an exciting and inspiring story of redemption, grace and transformation. Christopher has an understanding heart for and a desire to minister to those working through issues of sexuality and to those living with HIV/AIDS. He speaks locally and internationally to youth, on college campuses, in churches and in prisons.

Christopher graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2005 and Wheaton College Graduate School in 2007 with a Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis and is currently pursuing a doctorate of ministry at Bethel Seminary. He now teaches at Moody while continuing his speaking at both Saddleback Church and Willow Creek Community Church in America and at many conferences including InterVarsity's Urbana and the Moody Pastor's Conference and Men's Conference.

Aside from Yuan, well-known overseas Chinese pastor Tang Chongrong would also be in the gathering and preach before attendees. A lecture on the stance of Christians on homosexuality is scheduled in the same day at 3 pm. 

Check this video below to see Christopher Yuan’s story  

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