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- November 25, 2017 -


A Prayer for Woman who waits for her True Love

By M. Grace
on March 09, 2017 21:03 PM

True Love: (credit: Pexels)

Heavenly Father,

I Glorify and Honor You. I know that you know this road is not easy at all. You know the desires of my heart. I just want to love and be loved truly. You have seen me in my best and in my weaknesses and you see where I'm headed to. Waiting for you to give me the love of my life is hard.

My culture kept pushing me ideas and ways to keep me from waiting and following Your will. My heart tries hard to push through but you tell me I need to wait.

I know you love me as Your daughter and I know Your plans are great but I ask right in this moment, to fill me with Your peace.

Help me to trust the process and help me to be a godly woman; a woman who is favorable to You and to the man I will be marrying.

You know my heart and You know when I fall in love, it is deep and I fall real hard.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to save me for the man you have planned for me. Prepare me to be the woman you want and wife my husband needs.

I thank You for all that you are doing so far in my life, I fully trust that You want only the good for me. I will wait and trust in your perfect timing. I pray that you bring me and my future husband together to Honor and Glorify You and to serve you.

Sincerely yours,

You're daughter

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