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- November 24, 2017 -


Why are many people hurt in the church?

By CCD contributor: Paul Wu
on March 09, 2017 00:03 AM

Believers worship in a church :

The loss of believers is a serious issue facing many churches around the world. There are many reasons for it but one of the important reasons why it still occurs is because believers tend to get hurt in the church.

Why are there so many people getting hurt in the church? In addition to complex interpersonal relationships, the unrealistic high expectation of people regarding the church is also an important reason. This was caused by preachers who tend to show only the bright side of the church. As a result, people could not deal with the problems of the church with the right attitude and mindset. 

The church has never been a holy place. It is made of both good seeds and weeds. According to St. Augustine, the earthly church is comprised of both real and outward believers and only the heavenly church belongs to the Lord. With intense spiritual battles going on in the church, the earthly church is far less desirable than the kingdom of God.

In addition, the believers are weak. According to Pope Benedict XVI, the church is holy because the Lord has bestowed the undeserving holiness upon the church. The church is holy not because of the greatness of people who are flawed. Conflict is sure to happen among these ordinary people and trigger all kinds of problems. In general, brothers and sisters run into conflict with each other because of their difference in non-essential doctrines, ways of serving, personality and romantic relationships among the youth and because of their personal interest. These conflicts hurt some people who left the church. 

Now that the church is made of a group of sinful people with Satan at work in them, why do we believe that it is perfect? Some people may say that the early church in the Bible is perfect. We can see the truth through the letters to early churches, they also have many serious problems. The letters were not written just for the early churches alone, but also to all churches for all earthly churches are flawed.

Christians need to be clear about this fact in order for their followers not to get hurt while in the church. When facing a conflict in the church, they must face it with the right attitude. More importantly, when one realizes that all are sinful with various problems can start to love each other.

Translated by Alvin Zhou

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