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Milla Jovovich's 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' Breaks $33M in China Box Office

By M. Grace
on March 10, 2017 21:03 PM

Milla Jovovich: (credit: Gage Skidmore / flickr)

After its premiere in US and Europe in January, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" recently opened in China and it has did very well garnering a massive $33 million on its premiere.

According to Deadline, the film made $33 million on its first day of showing and followed by $70 million after two days. It surpassed the record made by "Star Wars: Rogue One" which has garnered $31 million within three days upon its premiere in China.

This record broke by "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" marks the film as the third-highest opening day in the country for a Hollywood movie, following Universal movies "Fast and the Furious 7" which has earned $68M on its first day and "Warcraft" which opened with a massive $46M.

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