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Reasons Why People Find it Difficult to Read the Bible

By Ruth Wang
on March 11, 2017 06:03 AM

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Although we know the benefits of Bible reading and its importance through Paul's word in 2 Timothy. 16-17, we do not regularly read the Bible in real life. We often make all kinds of plans about reading it, reciting the Bible each year; but, we always fail to carry out these plans in the end.

Why is it so difficult to keep reading the Bible? Do you find any of the following reasons the cause why you find it difficult to read the Bible?

1. Constant spiritual battles

According to Paul, we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but with spirits in the air. Reading the Bible is not just a personal matter. It also involves spiritual battles. We need to keep it in mind that Satan does not want you to read the Bible to become familiar with God's word. So we need to be alert all the time against the temptations of Satan.

2. Too busy

Studying God's word takes time. Many people lack time for various reasons, including being busy making a living and doing secular works. Some of which are legal, while others are sinful. The greatest killer in our society is becoming busy. We do not need to be busy but become effective, removing what is useless and sinful from life. Similarly, we need to have quiet time before God to seek for his guidance and revelation.

3. Lack of skills

Many people do not know how to study the Bible. They have not been trained nor have they found good and effective ways to read and study the Bible so that they can receive good guidance from the Bible. If it takes skills and learning for us to use computers and phones, how much more training and study do we need to study the Bible?

4. Replace reading the Bible with spiritual books

Many people love reading spiritual books. Though they can teach us and help us in knowing the truth, they cannot replace the Bible. You need to read the Bible and meditate by yourself, believing that the Holy Spirit will help you. 

5. Spiritually lazy

A great number of Christians are lazy in reading the Bible. They have concerns and struggles regarding some trivial issues in life, throwing the Bible aside. The underlying reasons are a reckless life, indifference and laziness. The fact that modern people do not like reading is the main reason for many distortions of the Bible. In the internet age, we spend so much time on social media which provides us with no real healthy spiritual food and it  must be cut out off our life. 

6. Fear laws

For practice means repeated and long-term hard work, many people think of it as legalistic. When reading the Bible, one may find many places where God point out man's sins and judge them. As a result, people do not want to face the Bible in fear of seeing the laws they have violated. But we need to know that the reason that God wants us to know what sins are and that He wants us to desire grace and leave these sins. Our daily spiritual practise is a cold law but a channel for us to experience God's presence so that we may receive more grace and revelation from reading the Bible. 

7. Lack a one's own Bible.

Around 600 millions of believers in the world do not have their own Bibles. Most of them cannot have a Bible because of poverty and many Christians are not allowed in their countries. Besides, Christians do not consider it important to have their own Bibles at home, work or anywhere else. Remember to have your own Bible and keep reading it and taking notes which I believe will benefit you greatly in a long run.

Translated by Alvin Zhou

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