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3 Picture-Perfect and Peaceful Destination Ideal for the Holy Week

By M. Grace
on March 13, 2017 21:03 PM

Tamsui in Taipei, Taiwan:
Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain:
Oia in Santorini, Greece:

While Holy Week is approaching, people have their own kind of thing in order to celebrate or commemorate it. Here are some of the unique and beautiful places which will let you be at peace and keep holy the Lent season.

Tamsui (Taipei, Taiwan)

Just right after the busy streets of Taipei is the town called Tamsui which is located by the sea. This spot is ideal for people who are opt for picture perfect scenes and not-so quiet place to commemorate the Lent season.

Parc Guell (Barcelona, Spain)

With its aesthetic, some people will opt to take their holiday vacation in Parc Guell. The architecture is also breath-taking.

Oia (Santorini, Greece)

With all the white houses and beautiful scenery, surely anyone could be at peace in this little town in Greece.

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