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- December 18, 2017 -


Church in Urumqi Carried Out Visitations on Women’s Day

By Grace Zhi
on March 15, 2017 00:03 AM

Jiujiawan Church visits women elder sisters : (credit: Wechat account: Jianghe Journal)

With Women's Day approaching, workers from the Jiujiawan Christian Church in Urumqi collected milk and eggs and visited eleven elder sisters in poor health throughout the year.

One of them was Sister HE Ruilan who, despite difficulties getting about, never ceases reading the Bible and praying for the church, pastors, and the safety of Urumqi. Another one was Sister Ma Xianghe, who used to serve in the church and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage a few years ago. She is currently paralyzed in bed unable to recognize people. However, with God's Grace she can now communicate and share the Word of God. She is also able to sit up and walk a few steps with help.

Jiujiawan Church is located in Haotai Residential District, West Loop, New and High-tech Zone (new town) in Urumqi, Xinjiang. It was built shortly after it was reconstructed and opened to the public, and is also the first church in Urumqi that was built twice.

Translated by: Grace Hubl



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