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Miao Church in Ji’an County, Jiangxi

By Grace Zhi
on March 15, 2017 00:03 AM

The current house of Zhangshupo Village : (credit: Wechat account: Normads )

In 2007, a group of Big Flowery Miao or A-Hmao people, an ethnic minority in China, moved to Zhangshupo Village, Tianhe Town, Ji'an County from a village of Qingyuan District, Ji'an City, Jiangxi.

According to the WeChat account "Nomads ", these people were almost Christians.

It is said that there are ten Miao communities in the surrounding counties of Ji'an. The people in Zhangshupo Village has been the luckiest one among the ten villages, who have become local permanent residents in the village. They built thatched huts and some of the richer ones constructed adobe houses.

In 2010, the Miao people got down to build an adobe church costing 70,000 yuan, the best house in the village at that time.

The Bible and hymnal in Miao language
The Bible and hymnal in Miao language

Starting from September 2013, every household began to raise a fund of 50,000 yuan independently, along with a government subsidy of 90,000 yuan, to build new houses with Miao features.  Covering 113.5 m2 each, nine two-story houses were completed in the Spring Festival of 2015. Later on, a three-kilometer long cement road and three bridges were completely by the local government.

Rev. You from Gospel Church of Ji'an said that the Miao people in the village were uneducated in the past, while the significance of culture has been being increasingly recognized by the people in Jiangxi. He added that three children of the nine households have been admitted to the university.

"The fellow Miao people in Zhangshupo are very fortunate that they have gained permanent residency. But the other nine villages aren't so lucky, especially those who live under the local's thumb. Their land contracts can be canceled at will by the locals. They, who are poor, may starve to death in an alien place if they do not have leased fields to farm. Who will pay attention to this vulnerable group?"

Translated by Karen Luo

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