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- January 22, 2018 -


Church to Build the First Church Building in Heshui County, Gansu

Christian Church in Heshui, Gansu: Current Chapel of the church.(credit: CCD)

The Heshui Church in Heshui County, Gansu Province has more than 100 believers. To cater to its believers and move the church after its old house is facing demolition, It plans to construct a new building for worship.

This church has only been active for few years and most of the congregants are farmers, according to the church. The church finally established the Heshui Holy Trinity Christian Council in 2013, after acquiring the permit for religious groups after many years of application and approval. Believers raised funds voluntarily and bought a courtyard of 150 square meters to start worshiping in a house less than 90 square meters in size. This eventually became the only Christian church in the county.

The courtyard of the church was included in the demolition and relocation range in early 2017 due to the shanty town renovation project of the government, so the church had to relocate and rebuild. Since the current place no longer serves the needs of the church, it was planned to build a new church with this opportunity in a new location and fill in a gap in the county or surrounding areas where there is no church. However, with limited financial subsidization, they only received a few tens of thousands of yuan after the land was rezoned. It was far from meeting the needs for building the new church.

Therefore, the church sent out prayer letters to different places, asking brothers and sisters to help in order to end the history of no church in the area.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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