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- November 25, 2017 -


Why the Church Should Use "God's Will" Cautiously?

By Si Xiang
on March 17, 2017 04:03 AM

A Church in Northern China: (credit: CCD File Photo)

We should reflect on the phenomenon of fake spirituality in the church. We tend to misuse the name of God's will to achieve selfish goals.

Here is a well-known joke in the church. After a brother told a sister that God's will was for him to marry her, she replied that God's will was for her to marry another person. 

When one speaks about God's will, it actually means God's heart, desires, plans and commandments. 

King Saul served as a great warning for us in utilizing the name of God's will wrongly. In 1 Samuel 13, he offered sacrifices to God recklessly before Samuel arrived according to their appointment, thinking that was God's will. As a result, King Saul lost favor with God and his kingship. 

There are many other examples in the Bible and in history, warning us not to replace God's will with man's will. God's will is unchanging. When a man often says "It is God's will," he is likely to not understand God's will. We should be cautious in using the word "God's will" which appears in the Bible and use it in a few places only. Even the prophets and apostles rarely used it in the Bible. 

Translated by Alvin Zhou

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