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Known Henan Missionary Dies at Age 50

By Ruth Wang
on March 18, 2017 06:03 AM

Funeral of Li Tiechui: Known Missionary in Henan, dies at 50.(credit:

Henan missionary Li Tiechui (50) passed away five days after the celebration for the Spring Festival, leaving behind his family and the church that has grown in his guidance.

Li was born in a small village in Henan which was known for its long history of faith. Several Western missionaries, including Hudson Taylor, have made an impact in the story of faith in the village. There are also some families in the village who inherited the tradition of faith for generations.

Like other countryside missionary and grassroots pastor, Li experienced several challenges in upholding his mission. When countryside churches experienced a great revival in the 80s, Li suffered greatly and was jailed because of his faith. He also had to fight against poverty, which caused other missionaries to go to big cities, and the fading countryside church population due to the onset of urbanization. Li remained in the countryside for his father and his church despite getting offers to serve in urban churches.

the Country road outside the village of Li Tiechui.
the Country road outside the village of Li Tiechui.


With his diligence and dedication, Li was able to leave a lot of marks in the growth of Chinese Church history throughout his mission.

When the missionary passed away, his family and coworkers were shocked and saddened. However, they remained strong in faith and believe that God must have plans for the missionary. They also believe that God will support them as they cope with the loss of their beloved missionary.   

Although it was a cold day, at least 200 people gathered on the day of the missionary's burial. This number included Li's coworkers and fellow pastors from surrounding areas.

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Translated By: Alvin


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