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- November 25, 2017 -


Chinese Christians Pray for Paul Washer, Preacher & HeartCry Missionary Founder

By Ruth Wang
on March 25, 2017 04:03 AM

Paul Washer, founder, director and missions coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society: (credit: Facebook )

Foreign missionary, founder, director and missions coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society Paul Washer, who suffered a heart attack, had emergency surgery on Monday night. His co-workers, some churches and ministries requested prayers for his health and recovery. 

The news reached Chinese Christians on Monday and they called for prayers for the missionary.

Brother Fu from Hangzhou shared that he saw the news released by "King's Church" on Facebook, which reported that Paul was struck by a severe heart attack and had undergone successful surgery. "Let's pray for him and his family." He said, "I've no idea whether it is true or not. He needs our prayer."

"Last night, Bro. Paul suffered a heart attack. He is in critical condition, though currently stable. More updates to follow here and on his Twitter account. Please pray for him and for his family! " A message reads the evangelist's Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, the G3 Conference also called on Twitter, "PRAYER REQUEST: Paul Washer suffered a heart attack last night at his home in Virginia. He is stable and under the care of doctors. Please pray for him and his family during this time. " Paul will speak at the conference in January 2018.

Born in 1961, Paul experienced spiritual rebirth while studying at the University of Texas. Despite his good grades, he led a befuddled life and was often drunken with his friends. His life was totally transformed after he was introduced the Gospel by a friend.

Many of his sermon videos are widely spread among Chinese Christians. The missionary of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) opposes modern church practices, including the sinner's prayer and prosperity theology.

Translated by Karen Luo

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