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Pastor Addresses How the Church should Deal with WeChat Business

By Yetta Yao
on April 01, 2017 06:04 AM

WeChat: China's most used social media.(credit: 36Kr)

A question has emerged asking if Christians should do business on WeChat.  Pastor Zhang Yuanlai said that WeChat businesses are a product of the Information Age, where new things are emerging in an endless stream. He points out that, as read in Romans 12:1-2, the church should be both cautious and active, neither simply rejecting nor embracing every new thing and deeming it as too advanced.

Zhang published two articles on his WeChat account "QT Spiritual Study" to state his opinion and suggestions regarding Christians doing WeChat business.

He divided these businesses into three types to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

The three types are the individual, pyramid, and cult, and each one can affect the self, family, friends, and even churches if not handled with care.

Christians should, therefore, practice the principle of "Glorifying God and benefit man" in making their decisions to improve themselves.

At the same time, the church should also respect the "three alls" principle regarding Christians' "do's and don'ts":

  • All things are lawful, but not always beneficial. 
  • All things are lawful, but don't always build up. 
  • All things are lawful, so don't be restrained. 

The church shepherds believers, receives their offerings, and should also provide guidance and training for their careers. If the church has an unclear attitude towards WeChat business and believers who run them, it will hurt the people.

Zhang gave several suggestions for believers doing business on WeChat. He said not to use the pastoral platform of the church for business, not to send advertisements to groups used for spreading the Gospel, not to engage in speculation for profit, and to operate legally with honesty.

Above all, Christians should operate with God and for God.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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