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Preacher Started Make Money out of Financial Pressure, But What Happened Next Made Her Harder

By Yetta Yao
on May 14, 2017 01:05 AM

Rural Preachers' Dilemma: (a preacher prays in tears during the seminar graduates friendship association.)(credit:

Out of financial pressure, a rural church leader in Henan, Sister Guan, entrusted the church to other people and chose to go out to work . But believers did not understand her and accused her of acting like Demas, who left his faith because of his love for the world.

Born in a Christian family, she grew up in the church. Afterwards, she began to serve in the church as a full-time minister. A few years ago, she returned to her hometown in the countryside and started to build her own career, serving the local church. As she was building the church together with other pastors, she gradually became a full-time servant of the Lord in the church.

Having served the church for more than 2 decades as a volunteer, she is nearly 50 years old now. When she saw that her two sons are about to enter into marriage and her husband cannot bring in any income because of his sickness, she was compelled to go out to make money. But many believers accused her and some even said of her that she was another Demas, who loved the world. She said that some even accused her of making a bad start for believers.

Though she was compelled to work outside in the world, many believers misunderstood and accused her and it made her feel guilty. She said, "Because I have come to do business, I have caused others to stumble and weakened the other's faith."

Having experienced intense struggles, sought counseling and instruction from pastors she trust, she began to change her mind over the past years. She realized "Wherever I am, I am living for the Lord. Even as a businessman, I am living for the Lord."

While she is busy doing their business, she had less time serving the church. After a sister told her that she was not using her talent to the fullest extent, she replied and answered that "You are wrong. We can glorify God in any position. This is not about whether we are using our talents to the fullest extent."

She also was commanded by other believers to serve the church frequently. In reply, she said, "Although I do not serve the church, others will serve it." 

When she recalled believers' accusation that she had made a bad start, she began to understand that insisting on such radical idea is not healthy because Christians can glorify God regardless of their positions.

Translated by Alvin Zhou

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