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- November 24, 2017 -


Influence of Heresy on Church in Henan Province

By Elsie Hu
on May 23, 2017 02:05 AM

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The Chinese church has grown rapidly since the Reform and Opening up in the 1980s occurred. However, several sects of heresy have also emerged: the East Lightning, The Shout, and the Three Redemption of Christ.

Pastor F from a grass-root church in Henan Province talked about a popular heresy in Henan, which is called the Ann ShangHong Mother Church. The sect believes that Jesus was born for the second time in South Korea. His name was Ann Shanghong. Believers of Ann ShangHong Mother Church pray and baptize in the name of Ann ShangHong.

A seventy-year-old sister used to take an active part in the church of Pastor F. However, one day, she said that she didn't want to go to the church of Pastor F due to the wrong doctrine it advocates. The church prayed for her. A week later, she was baptized in Ann ShangHong Mother Church and she agreed with the doctrine there.

The pastor also wanted to find the old sister, but it was not so easy. "The gathering of Ann ShangHong Mother Church is very secret and they did not have a phone number." Pastor F said. "Preachers of heresy will go to other churches. They tell believers that they have believed in the wrong religion. The sect of Shout and East Lightning bolt also used to have an activity venue here."

Why is heresy so popular in the countryside? Pastor F believes that the local family church has done something wrong with their management. What's more, heresy from other countries will make natives feel free, which is totally different from the past. "Pastors" of heresy may be young and capable. They are good at sermons. Believers are easily attracted.

These heresies have put a lot of great pressure on pastors and the shepherding of local churches. "Now the church is really very passive," Pastor F sighs, "We only encourage our brothers and sisters to read the Bible and get away from heresy after the heresy emerges, which is not enough to do anything and it is too late to intervene."

Translated by Emma Ma

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