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- December 18, 2017 -


Little Picasso Prodigy Creates Art for a Cause

By Faith Magbanua
on June 19, 2017 21:06 PM

Cassandra Gee: Little art prodigy Cassie(credit: Cassie Swirls/ Facebook)


The five-year old prodigy, Cassandra Gee, also known as Cassie, is a child phenomenon in every form.

At the age of three, Cassie -  who was then a little child (up till now) - have started painting and haven't stopped since.

Just like other kids, Cassie loves to play.  She also has a thing for fairies, elephants, the color pink, going to the beach and most of all, Cassie loves to paint. 

Her love for painting can be seen in her photos that are uploaded in her Instagram page 'CassieSwirls'.

Smilling from ear-to-ear, Cassie can be seen having a ton of fun in her photos.  The genuine look in her face emanates how much she loves painting. 

Cassie's mom, after discovering Cassie's unique talent for painting, put up a site named Cassie Swirls and decided to help charities with the profits from Cassie's art works.

She has sold over 100 paintings that has already benefited several foundations.  What a way to start your childhood!

Tools Cassie uses in her paintings

Cassie uses her hands, a fork, or a skewer to create intricate patterns. Imagine how dope is that?  It's not what you use which matters. It's how beautiful your painting will be after the process.

Her paintings are primarily a combination of acrylic and resin. She then adds glitter to make her work glow and look happy, adding that 'Cassie flair' in everything she paints.

This little girl's artistic talent is sure to take her places. More importantly, however, her works remind people that no one is too young to help others with their talents.

If you want to check her work, just visit her Facebook page or Instagram page and be stunned on what a five-year-old prodigy's work looks like.


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