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Rural Believer Witness: Nobody Can Take away Faith in God

By CCD contributor: Wen Yi
on July 01, 2017 05:07 AM

An elderly person places his hands on the Bible.:

Editor's Word: This article is about the life story of a senior Christian woman who has rested in peace in Christ at her 80 in 2015. The author wrote this to honor her.

In Christian history, numerous heroes of faith have risked and even given their lives to hold on to the word of God or for lofty goals of faith. They were not religious fanatics but they knew and accepted the truth, living as witnesses of what they hoped for in their faith.

During the years of serving the church, I have been moved by some things.

When I started to preach in my twenties, a church in my town had dozens of members. One plump Christian woman, glowing with good health, was over fifty. At such an age she still had charming manners. It could be inferred that she was very beautiful as a young woman. Each time I preached in that church she sat quietly, listening to my sermon and watching me with smiles and eyes full of expectation and understanding. Knowing that I was not a good preacher, I asked for her advice after preaching. She praised me for my good sermon and pointed out my weak parts tactfully.

Her name was Zhai Chunlan, and she became a Christian when she was a young girl. Rooted in faith, she grew up with her cousins. Later they all married. She married a man in a neighboring village and had two sons. The elder son married the daughter of her cousin and had a little son. However, one day in March 1990 was dark and tragic for the two families.

Her cousin's mother passed away early in the morning. Zhai told the older son to take his wife back to her parents' home at once, adding that she would follow in a while.

Misfortunes never come alone. After sending his wife back, the son returned to his workplace. He worked as a blasting mechanic in a metal mine. He was commanded to light the fuse underground. After the fuse was lit, he climbed the ladder to get out of the mineshaft so hurriedly that one leg of the ladder was broken. He fell off the ladder, but there came the explosion.

Having held the funeral for her son, Zhai fell ill. Dazed, she lived abnormally for more than two months.  Recovering from sadness, she wanted her younger son to marry his sister-in-law whom she loved in order to keep her and the grandson. Unwilling, the younger son nevertheless agreed at last. However, her cousin was disgusted with the decision. He pointed his finger at her face and shouted, "What did you reap from your faith? If your God is real, why did He allow the miserable death of your son that his body was not even found after the explosion? I won't let my daughter stay with your family! " Then he took his daughter back home.

Although non-Christians questioned her faith, Zhai didn't grumble about God after her son died. They even satirized her, "What's the matter with God? Why didn't He protect your son since you have good faith in Him?" She replied with the words of Job, "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Shall I accept good from God, and not trouble?"

Afterward, I saw her fervent love for God like before in church services. The church workers and I comforted her, fearing that she might be weak in faith and even stumble after calamities happened to her. However, she said to us, smiling, "I'm fine. My faith comes from the Lord, who helps and comforts me. I can't stand up without his strength. Since He gives faith to me, nobody will take it away and I will never lose it."

In the year of 2015, Zhai died peacefully at her 80.

I express regret over her story while rejoicing for her. This article is to honor her.

Translated by Karen Luo

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