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- November 25, 2017 -


Xi Jinping's Visit to Countries Contributes to World Economic Growth, Says Foreign Minister

By M. Grace
on July 10, 2017 21:07 PM

President Xi Jinping: Xi spoke at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held on May 14, 2017(credit:

Chinese President Xi Jinping was busy all week in visiting countries like Russia and Germany prior to the G20 Summit. According to Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the president's visit to those countries made a positive contribution and impact to the improving global economic governance and economic growth.

"In particular, the president's proposals, with both macro and micro perspectives for economic globalization in mind, won worldwide recognition and praise at the G20 Summit in Hamburg," Wang said.

Wang also added that Xi Jinping's proposals showed a more long-term vision and possibly, a more open vision for global economic growth.

During Xi Jinping's visit in Hamburg, Germany, he mentioned that "the global economy is still plagued by deep-seated problems and faces many uncertainties and destabilizing factors". So he offered what China proposes as a solution to the problem and that is to build a more open world economy and to seek more inclusive global economic growth.

"We must remain committed to openness and mutual benefits for all so as to increase the size of the global economic pie," the Chinese president said.

He called all the leaders to provide new sources of growth, adding that promoting innovation and seeking development can be the solution to global economic growth.

"Those who work alone add; those who work together multiply," Xi said, quoting a famous German proverb during his speech.

Meanwhile, in his visit in Russia, Xi described Sino-Russian relations as the "best ever relationship in history." He also reportedly agreed on working on the Belt and Road Initiative with the Eurasian Economic Union in order to build additional bilateral ties for world peace and stability.

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