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Are Wonders Necessary to Keep Faith Alive?

By CCD contributor: Xiao Bin
on July 13, 2017 06:07 AM

Youth Fellowship : (credit: Crystal Cathedral)

There is an obvious difference between older and younger Christians. Older Christians are fond of testimony so much that you could easily find someone witnessing during a senior Christian gathering, but you rarely see it during a young Christian gathering.

The testimonies of senior Christian are about nothing but healing, finding the lost, children getting good grades, and so on.

Young Christians share few testimonies like these. They would rather take the issue mentioned in the testimony of the senior as a piece of cake and as such, not bother the almighty God.

Actually, in the gathering of senior Christians, their faith is strengthened because of the testimonies. It seems that young Christians do not need these testimonies, which begs the question: do young Christians’ faiths need to be maintained by wonders?

The fact is that a particular pattern of faith has formed among older Christians due to some difficulties in their life. During those hard and dark times, they have learned to rely on God alone when they were helpless. They learned to give thanks in all circumstances. The pattern in them is so firm that the difference is obvious when compared with the younger Christians in the age of peace. 

There are even conflicts between the senior and younger Christians, speaking of the differences in expressing the faith.

Younger Christians express their faith in a different way. We young Christians are not used to entrusting everything to God. Instead we try every method to solve it by ourselves. It’s only when it comes to the end of people that we come to God. Therefore young Christians always doubt the wonders witnessed by senior Christians.

I’m not going to judge right from wrong. Our society advances. Our view should keep pace with the times. Take physical healing as an example; now that medicine is so much developed, more and more diseases can be treated. We could not doubt that it’s God’s grace.

-Translated By: Alice Wang

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