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Did Jamie Foxx Betray Katie Holmes?

By M. Grace
on July 15, 2017 22:07 PM

Jamie Foxx: (credit: Flickr/Common Creatives)

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been rumored to be in a relationship since 2013. However, recent reports claimed that Holmes was not on her beau's mind as her beau, Foxx, has been seeing other women.

According to InTouchWeekly, the "Baby Driver" actor has been flirting with other women, leaving Katie Holmes "betrayed."

According to a source by the online magazine, Foxx attended the Red, White and Bootsy Party on July 4 and said that the 49-year-old actor was busy flirting with a slender brunette and started dancing with her. The source added that they are both grinning from ear to ear.

"Jamie seemed like such a charmer and ladies' man," the alleged source added. "He was ready to party and didn't seem to care who saw him."

Foxx is not ready to commit

The online magazine revealed that a close friend of Jamie Foxx claimed that he treats Katie Holmes like a "booty call."

Despite being constantly linked to the 38-year-old actress, Foxx reportedly acts like a frat boy whenever he goes out and that he considered his relationship with Holmes as an afterthought. Moreover, the alleged insider added that Foxx would never admit their romance.

Meanwhile, insiders claimed that Katie Holmes is "very much in love" with the 49-year-old actor and is hoping to get married to him soon.

IntouchWeekly added that both Foxx and Holmes experienced excitement when their rumored romance started years ago, as they often meet up early in the morning or late at night to avoid being seen by paparazzi or media. However, Holmes is now aware of what is happening with her reported playboy boyfriend.

Despite the rumors about her boyfriend, close friends of Katie Holmes said that the 38-year-old actress still loves Jamie Foxx.

Denial of relationship

It has been a long time that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were rumored to be a couple. However, no one had confirmed or denied their relationship not until May when Foxx denied their romance. Some noted how the Oscar-winning actor did not do a very convincing job of denying his relationship with Katie Holmes.

The actor was asked by several photographers regarding his relationship with Tom Cruise's ex-wife after arriving in Los Angeles. Apparently shocked by the question, Jamie tried to compose himself before he awkwardly said: "Fake news, fake news."

The actor then changed the topic to his new TV show. But when a photographer tried to ask the same question, the "Django Unchained" star did not answer and just give off a shy smile.

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