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Jay Chou Welcomes Singaporean Jazz Singer on Sing! China

By M. Grace
on July 16, 2017 00:07 AM

Joanna Dong: (credit: Youtube Screenshot)

Chinese pop king Jay Chou chose a Singaporean singer for his team on Sing! China.

Jay Chou immediately moved down the slope of his seat to choose Joanna Dong, right after she sang the first lyrics of a jazz version of "Love Song", originally performed by Lo Ta Yu in 1990. During the said blind audition of the second season of the TV singing competition, coaches Liu Huan and Eason Chan gave praises to the Singaporean singer and wooed her to choose their teams.

Joanna Dong, just like the first Singaporean singer on the first season of the show, chose Team Jay Chou instead of the other coaches.

"When I was singing the A and B sections, it was the simplest and truest me," Dong said, as cited by Shin Min Daily News. "And Teacher Jay chose me in that moment, giving my performance recognition with his action, so I was particularly moved."

She added that she is sure and she is confident with her coach as Chou knows her musically.

"Two consecutive jazz singers have been on Sing! China. I hope to encourage young Singaporean musicians to pay more attention to jazz," the aspiring singer said. "Whether I can go to the final, it doesn't matter. Whatever happens next is a bonus. I've already done my part for Singapore's jazz."

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