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Disney Reveals 'Aladdin' Live Action Cast

By Faith Magbanua
on July 17, 2017 19:07 PM

Mena Massoud: Mena Massoud for Aladdin
Naomi Scott: Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmin
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As the famous soundtrack of Disney's Aladdin goes, "A new fantastic point of view..."

Breaking the internet this Sunday, fresh from the D23 Expo in the United States, Disney has finally revealed more details about its live-action rendition of the 90s' classic 'Aladdin' and announced who'll be playing the three main characters: Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie.

And yes, remember the rumor that Will Smith will be playing Genie? Well, rumor is apparently true.

According to the announcement, Will Smith will be playing the part made famous by Robin Williams in the animated classic and as for our Aladdin and Jasmine? They will be played by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott.

Mena Massoud for Aladdin
Mena Massoud for Aladdin

Known for his role in the series, 'Jack Ryan', the actor will be playing the role of Aladdin.

Actress Naomi Scott, who recently played the Pink Ranger in Power Ranger Reboot, will be portraying Princess Jasmine in the live action remake.

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine
Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine

The live action adaptation will be directed by Guy Ritchie and fans have been eager to learn more about the live-action remake. However, the forthcoming film hasn't been without problems, especially in the early planning stages as it has been reported that the director was struggling to find the right actors to star in the film.

A lot of fans has been rooting for several actors like Dev Patel ('Slumdog Millionaire', 'The Lion') to play Aladdin, but, with the recent casting announcement, people from the internet has been giving a mixture of positive and negative comments about the selection.

However, not everyone liked the casting of this newest Disney reboot. Disney has eventually faced a backlash from some social media users over Scott's casting. While Aladdin is set in the fictional country of Agrabah, fans of the film have long held the assumption that it is a country that would be situated in the Middle East - which therefore had previously sparked calls for Disney to cast actors with an Arab heritage.

While Massoud is of Egyptian background, there has been some criticism of Disney's choice to cast Scott, who is of British and Indian background.


Still, nothing is really simple when it comes to Aladdin. While the casting did make some fans a bit on the furious side, we'll have to wait and see the remake to be able to tell if it really is worth the casting or not.

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