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Chinese Movie 'Wolf Warriors 2': Highest-Grossing Film of Summer 2017

By M. Grace
on August 07, 2017 23:08 PM

Wolf Warriors 2: (credit: Movie poster)

The patriotic action movie titled "Wolf Warriors 2" is now considered as the highest-grossing film of summer 2017 in China. The movie earned RMB 2.2 billion or approximately $328 million and counting after second week in cinemas.

According to reports, the "Wolf Warriors" second sequel took the box office by surprise, surpassing "Dunkirk" to the top spot. During its opening weekend and released in just five territories, the movie grossed $125.7 million.

The movie tells the story of a covert rescue mission wherein rebels overrun a town in an African country.

According to several movie-goers, the movie has touched their patriotism.

"This movie is the best Chinese action movie," one social media user wrote, as cited by BBC. "Shockingly good - hot blood and tough guys. I shed tears after watching it," said another.

The movie comes ahead of "World War II" blockbuster titled "Dunkirk" which has earned $234.1 million since its release. "Despicable Me" follows on the third spot while "Spider-Man: Homecoming" secures its 4th spot.

Meanwhile, fantasy romance movie "Once Upon a Time" is also expected by film critics to debut strongly because of the popularity of its lead stars. The film features Liu Yifei and Yang Yang on the lead roles.

The movie is based from the famous romance fantasy novel entitled "Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossom" or also known as "To The Sky Kingdom," written by TangQi Gongzi. This movie is originally slated for a July 21 release but it was pushed through for an August release.

Watch the trailer below:

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