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Here's How To Cultivate Joy

By M. Grace
on August 08, 2017 01:08 AM

How to cultivate Joy: (credit: Pixabay)

We all want joy in our lives. Joy springs from viewing current day's activities to eternity's perspective. Want more joy to your life? Appreciate that God is working in your life and let His Will be.

Do tell God you trust Him. Tell God that He is your favorite and that you thank him in every little thing that is happening in your life. Read from Psalms 103:1 to sing Him praises.

Keep a journal of the reasons to be joyful. You know the saying," count your blessings instead of the negative things," right? Practice it by reminding yourself of the good things that God has provided you. Learn to include photo, poem, words or just anything to remind you why you need to stay thankful for the day and every day of your life.

Be with joyful people. They say that joy is contagious. So you need to build relationships with people who exhibit confidence in God; those people who believe that prayer and relationship with God is precious as it gives everlasting joy.

Approach life's struggle redemptively. God uses difficulties in our lives to test out our character and help us grow and build confidence in Him. Read Romans 5:1 and James 1:1 to help you process the pressure thrown by life productively. Joy will be the sweetest after you pass through the hardest struggle in life. This joy is a gift from God.

Make gratitude and praise a habit. Praise God wherever and whenever. Remind yourself that you owe everything to God. And by that, do not forget to let Him know you are happy to receive His blessings.

Fill your heart with words and music of God. Listen to music and sing out loud praises or words of God. This will not only remove stress but it guarantees to bring so much joy.

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