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- November 25, 2017 -


Hong Kong Superstar Andy Lau First Seen at 'The Adventures' Premiere After Severe Injury

By M. Grace
on August 11, 2017 00:08 AM

Andy Lau: (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

After six long months of recuperation from his severe injury, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is spotted for the first time in public when he appeared on the premiere of his new movie, "The Adventures."

The 55-year-old actor and singer attended the film's premiere night with the movie's director, Stephen Fung, along with his fellow co-stars like Sha Yi, Yo Yang, Jean Reno, Zhang Jingchu and Shu Qi.

"I'm very good now, and sorry to have caused you to worry about me," Lau told the media. "Now, I'm back to what I was half a year ago. I can freely talk and laugh; I can bounce and jump."

To recall, Lau was severely injured when he fell off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand way back in January 2017. The accident resulted to him suffering from pelvic laceration. He went on a short hiatus during the six months after to undergo convalescence, including his promotions for movie "Shock Wave" and lots of shows and concerts.

The movie "The Adventures" is an action movie which tells the story of three thieves travelling Europe while escaping from a police officer. Lau also served as the executive producer of the film.

The director of the movie, Fung said that Lau's role was intended for actor Feng Shaofeng but due to his injury and conflict of the schedule, Lau agreed to join to solve the worries, which reportedly added "white hair" to the director.

Meanwhile, during the premiere, his co-stars talked about their experience while shooting the movie.

Lau's co-star Yo Yang  also shared something funny to the audience, revealing that instead of a kissing scene with actress Shu Qi, the scene was changed to a "slap" instead.

"And Miss Shu slapped me so hard, the cameraman was shocked, and even people in the whole building heard the sound," Yang complained.

"The Adventures" is set to be released on Chinese theatres on August 11. 

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