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- December 18, 2017 -


Experts Say India Should Stop Trespassing Into China's Territory

By M. Grace
on August 12, 2017 16:08 PM

The border between China and Bhutan and the disputed area: (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Chinese expert,  said on Thursday, August 10, slammed Indian defense minister's "irresponsible remarks," citing that India should adhere to lessons from history in the most correct way. Moreover, they added that India should stop trespassing into China's territory.

According to a report by the Times of India, India's Defense Minister Arun Jaitley said on Wednesday, August 9 that India had already learned the lesson from the war with China which had happened in 1962. He added that the Indian armed forces are strong enough to meet any difficulties that would put the country's safety into risk.

These remarks of Jaitley were reportedly made amidst escalating tensions between India and China. To recall, India has illegally stayed in one of China's territories for two months with no signs of withdrawing.

The report also added that it is not the first time India mentioned and implied the use of their armed forces in order to settle the conflicts. According to the India's local media, Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat said last June that India is already prepared for a "two and a half front war" against China and other internal security threats.

In response, former Chinese ambassador to India Zhou Gang told People's Daily Online that India has not yet learned their lessons from history. He also criticized Indian authorities for feeding the public with wrong information.

"Indian authorities could have done a lot to improve the two nations' relationships, but instead, it sees China as an obstacle hindering its access to becoming the dominant power of South Asia, which is a typical Cold War mentality," Zhou said.

An associate professor in China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies at Wuhan University, Guan Peifeng, also said that the trespassing of India into Chinese territory is illegal and groundless.

"By claiming UK's special privileges and legacies in the disputed areas, India has annexed Sikkim, as well as stirred up disputes in Tibet. It has also used its power to influence Bhutan, disrespecting its sovereignty. [History] has shown that the recent standoff is merely another show of India's expansionism," he said as cited by People's Daily Online. 

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