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Earning More Money Than Your Partner? Here's What You Should Know

By M. Grace
on August 20, 2017 02:08 AM

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It is good to know that you earn more income when you're single but when you have a partner, that's another story. Earning more money compared to your partner can mean and cause several things.

Here's what you need to know:

Your partner is more likely to cheat.

The less money someone earns compared to his or her partner, the more he or she is likely to cheat. This case is especially true according to a study published in the American Sociological Review titled, "Her Support, His Support: Money, Masculinity and Marital Infidelity" in 2015.

The study's author and sociology professor, Christin Munsch, proposed that the financially dependent person cheats to compensate for his feelings of emasculatation. She went on saying that by not being the breadwinner of the family, it threatens the masculinity of the man since a man is always expected to be the main source of income.

According to Munsch, this is the man's way to distance himself from his spouse, who earned more than him and his way to punish her.

 The study also added that when breadwinning increases, infidelity also increases for men.  When a woman earns more money than his spouse, the man feels less satisfied with their partner's physical appearance. This was cited in the study titled "When Love Meets Money: Priming the Possession of Money Influences Mating Strategies."

In contrast, men who got more income found women with lesser money attractive. The reason is reported to be, according to research, men think they are more desirable.

In this case, psychologists advice couples to earn almost the same or same amount of money together or on their own. The study found out that couples are less likely to cheat if they earn the same amount of money. 

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