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- November 25, 2017 -


Not Your Ordinary Cookie: Android Oreo Officially Introduced

By Faith Magbanua
on August 23, 2017 00:08 AM


Google has finally released the freshest version of its Android mobile operating system (OS), which is named after "Oreo", a famaous chocolate biscuit. 

With the latest feature known as "picture-in-picture" mode, a tool in the OS lets some apps run in a small corner of the screen, everything looks cookie crisp in the Oreo update.

Google's own Nexus and Pixel phones are expected to be the first ones to receive the software update.

However, the new versions of the newest Android OS can be slow to roll out for other devices, and just 14% of Android devices are currently running the previous OS, Nougat, while some others are running the Marshmallow update.

On side note, the Oreo update introduces measures to help people manage the volume of notifications on their devices, which has been described as "notification diarrhea".

App developers will now be able to split notifications into categories, so people can block certain alerts while still receiving others.

Previously, Android users could only allow all or block all notifications from each app; but the latest upgrade will help them do more.

Here is the list of features of the newest Android Oreo:

1.        The  "smart copy-and-paste" option, which highlights an entire address, telephone number or web addresses when people try to copy it.

2.        The-one-of-a-kind system which can limit how many system resources apps are in use while they are running in the background to reduce memory use and battery use.

3.          Instant Apps, which lets some services invoke parts of their Android apps, even if people have not installed them.

4.        A redesigned set of emojis, which look more like the ones seen on Apple's iOS.

The picture-in-picture mode will allow people watch YouTube videos in a corner of the screen while they use other apps, however, it is only applicable as long as they have paid for the YouTube Red subscription service.

This feature is not really new as people who are still using Android Nougat version can already watch YouTube videos in split-screen mode for free.

The software was released at 19:50 BST to coincide with a solar eclipse visible on the east coast of the United States.

It is now up to phone manufacturers to decide whether to make the new software available on their existing devices, although many do pre-install it on their new releases.


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