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A New Perspective at Forgiving

By M. Grace
on August 31, 2017 02:08 AM

Forgive and move on: (credit: Flickr/Common Creatives)

As Tanaaz Chubb said in her book, "The Power of Positive Energy," forgiveness is a very essential step to go forward. However, forgiving is easier said than done. It is very hard to find that peace with all those anger, pain and suffering you need to go through.

We all have people in our lives who have caused us pain, let us down and disappointed us. These people may have cheated, hurt, lied, abused and caused us a lot deal of pain or they may have caused you so much that there is no way possible you could imagine of forgiving them or sending them love again. These situations haunt you unless you can forgive and let forgiveness inside yourself.

"You practice forgiveness for two reasons: to let others know that you no longer wish to be in a state of hostility with them and to free yourself from the self-defeating energy of resentment. Send love in some form to those you feel have wronged you and notice how much better you feel."
-Wayne Dyer

There's a new way to look at forgiveness. It is not about saying what the person did was right or that you condoned them with their bad behavior.

Forgiveness is accepting events which allows you to send healing and love to the person and the even which caused you pain for you to move on.

Healing can be done through forgiveness. Even though you hate the act,  the person or the situation, accepting what has happened will allow you to let go of the anger and pain and lets you move on without holding and carrying the grudge for a long time.

When you find it difficult to forgive, remember that God has always forgave us with all our sins even when we think we do not deserve it.



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