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Here's How You Will Know A True Christian Believer

By M. Grace
on September 03, 2017 00:09 AM

"What is Faith?": (credit: Flickr/Common Creatives)

What are the marks of a true Christian believer? How can you distinguish a genuine conversion from a false conversion? Here's how, according to Pastor Tom Hicks.

1. A true Christian believer's heart is changed forever.

In Jeremiah 32:39, the Lord says that He will give them (believers) one heart, one way that they may fear Him forever. Hypocrites never have a changed nature, instead they want Christ for the good that He might do them in the world but a true Christian believer's heart loves Jesus Christ as the all-satisfying treasure of life.

2. A true believer changes his life from a heart that loves Christ.

Hypocrites often clean up their behavior to be seen by men. They do these to ease their consciences or to keep themselves from the consequences of their sins. But a true believer loves Christ and keeps His commandments all for His sake, all for His glory. (Psalms 119:6)

3. A true believer seeks Christ and His Kingdom.

Christ's friendship and fellowship is necessary. True believer desire that this better part would never be taken away from them. (Luke 10:42)

4. A true believer submits to God's righteousness.

A true believer will abandon all hope in himself, even his own righteousness and he will solely rest on Christ's righteousness. However, hypocrites do not do these, instead they depend on some degree, upon their own righteousness.

5. A true believer has three great important things of genuine Christianity.

First, he is broken in heart and emptied of his own righteousness so as to loath himself (Lk 19:10). Second, he takes up Christ Jesus as the only treasure and jewel that can enrich and satisfy (Matt 13:44). Third, he sincerely closes with Christ's whole yoke without exception, judging all His "will just and good, holy and spiritual" (Rom 7:12).

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