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Signs That Says You're Not Ready for Kids

By M. Grace
on September 06, 2017 23:09 PM

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During marriage, there comes a time when your heart began to yearn and wonder about having kids. You might ask yourself, "How do I know when I'm ready to have children?"

Are you ready? What are the signs?

These questions are not for your parents or friends to answer. But if you are already married, this should prompt regular and friendly discussions with your partner. Even if you are sure that you know what your spouse wants, you need to ask and verify it again. Remember that opinions can change overtime.

Here are signs that says you are not yet ready for kids on your family:

Sign #1: Only one spouse is ready.

If one person is ready and other one is not, then you are not yet ready as a couple. When you are married, you need to know that parenting needs to be done by both parties.

Solution #1. If only one is ready, then you need to wait until both of you feel ready. While you are waiting, try to find out what has created the hesitation for kids. Regardless of the reason, both of you should handle and discuss more about it.

Sign #2: Handling conflict poorly.

Couples argue most of the time but arguing over small things and stressing out can cause harm not only to you but to your partner and much worse to your kids. A home should have peace and harmony.

Solution #2: In order to handle conflict, you must do a Bible study. As a couple, you can also see a counselor. Conflict is not bad, instead it is an opportunity to grow as a couple.

Sign #3: Tight budget.

Before considering to add another member to your small family, check your budget. Carefully check on the budget if ever another member will come to family. Can you handle it?

Solution #3: You cannot plan for everything, instead pray and work hard for it. If you will be blessed with a child, ask God to give your strength to sustain the needs of each of your family member, which includes your spouse and your kid/s.



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