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Here's The 3 Possible Reasons Why You Haven't Found 'The One' Yet

By M. Grace
on September 09, 2017 03:09 AM

A Deeper Look at Love: (credit: Pixabay)

For some unexplainable reason, many of us are obsessed with finding "The One." "The One" can be defined as someone you will be forever with.

Whether you believe if there is really "The One" for everyone, love coach Julia Keller highlighted 3 possible reasons why you probably have not met them yet.

You are not approachable.

"If you want to be approached, you have to actually be approachable," Julia said.

Don't worry as she also provided solution on how to overcome this.

"Smile, make eye contact, and sometimes even throw out an opener that makes them feel comfortable speaking to you but in a way that makes them want to find out more (if they're available and interested) and allows you to easily save face (if they're not)," she said.

You do not truly love yourself.

"The only way to truly fulfilling love is to first give the love that you want to yourself," Julia said. "Loving yourself means valuing yourself highly enough to avoid getting pulled in by someone whose intentions are less than sincere, or who treats you badly. It also means being secure that you being single is a temporary state."

As a solution, Julia said that you need to feel your life and free time with meaningful activities which makes you happy and put you in contact with interesting people.

The people you are interested in only see you as a friend or colleague.

While you think you are in love with the people around you, their feelings could be different. Many people do not take time to relax or unwind after work so their choices are only limited to those people around them.

"Talk about what drives you and what you're passionate about and interested in. Mention any fun activities you enjoy doing," Julia said about the solution to this proble. "Avoid getting pulled into any work discussions by being mysterious about what you do instead. Avoid discussions about work until you get to know someone better."

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