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Here's The Kind of Food Princess Diana Loved To Eat

By M. Grace
on September 13, 2017 20:09 PM

Diana, Princess of Wales : (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

 Two decades have passed since Princess Diana's death and lately, the closest people to her have been sharing some of their fondest memories of her.

Even though she was loved by many people from across the globe, only few people truly got a glimpse of what it was like for the princess.

Her personal chef, Darren McGrady shared some of the most favorite meals of Princess Diana in his book titled, "The Royal Chef at Home." The chef had reportedly worked for the royal family from 1993 until 1997, the princess' death.

"[I] was right at the very bottom-chef No. 20 of 20. I worked on the vegetable section cooking for palace staff. It was horrible. Frozen vegetables for 300," McGrady told USA Today.

"Over time, I became a friendly, familiar face to her, although I was never her friend. I was staff. I never called her Diana. It was 'Your Royal Highness' to the end, even after she lost the title and would say, 'You don't have to call me that," the chef recalled and said he met the princess when he traveled to the Queen's summer home in Scotland.

After Princess Diana's divorce from Prince Charles, she personally asked McGrady to be her personal chef at Kensington Palace. This was reportedly the time when Diana got over her eating disorder and lately developed a healthy outlook on food.

"One time she said: 'Make me the tomato mousse you made for President Ronald Reagan at Windsor Castle,' and I said, 'You can't have that Your Royal Highness. It's got mayonnaise, sour cream, it's got double cream.' She said, 'Well, make me a fat-free version," the chef shared.

"I would take the fat off her chicken, and with the potatoes, I would dip them in egg white and paprika and put them to one end of the dish and she would know they were for her. She wanted to eat healthy. She looked the best she ever did. She never ate red meat. She loved fish, stuffed bell peppers," McGrady added, saying that Princess Diana ate healthily but when she was with Prince William and Prince Harry, she indulged a little.

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