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- December 19, 2017 -


Gao Xiaopan To Make His Directorial Debut With 'Trouble Makers'

By M. Grace
on September 19, 2017 23:09 PM

Comedian Gao Xiaopan will make his directorial debut: (credit: China Daily)

Chinese comedian and "Cross Talk" star Gao Xiaopan announced on September 19, during a Beijing event, that the movie "Trouble Makers," which he directed personally, will be screened across the Chinese mainland starting on November 10.

The Chinese comedian, who was born on 1985, has been known from the celebrated xiangsheng troupe Xiha Baozi Pu, which he founded way back in 2008 in Beijing. Xiangsheng is a traditional Chinese arts form.

"Trouble Makers" is based on Gao's show with the same title. It tells the story of two hooligan friends, who are drawn into a series of different adventures after they decide to join a reality television show.

Aside from Gao, You Xianchao, Gao's longtime cross-talk partner and co-founder of Xiha Baozi Pu, Chinese actress Yu Shasha and Chinese actor Wan Yunpeng also star on the upcoming movie.

In Chinese showbusiness, comedian Gao Xiaopan is not the only one who has an interest in directing. There are now other celebrities who try to explore their talents in directing a movie. 

It can be recalled that Zhang Yimou's daughter Zhang Mo also made her directorial debut with movie "Suddenly Seventeen." Being the daughter of the famous director and celebrity gives both pressure and honor to the young director.

"Learning from him, you're learning from the master. That kind of knowledge, it can never be replaced by anything else. But from a reputation standpoint, sometimes it can backfire a little bit, because I feel like, especially here, if you are born into so-called celebrity second generation family, people immediately think you must have way more resources and you can have way more shortcuts," Zhang Yimou's daughter shared. "But actually, it's not true. If anything, it's the opposite, because the family aspect casts such a big shadow that you have to be extra creative or work extra hard to gain the audience's approval." 

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