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Here's How Andy Lau Celebrated His 56th Birthday

By M. Grace
on September 20, 2017 00:09 AM

Andy Lau: (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Hong Kong actor and singer Andy Lau prepared an advance birthday celebration to celebrate his 56th existence with his fans last Saturday, September 16.

The fans were all thankful and happy to celebrate the special moment with their idol. Moreover, the singer and actor's close friends like Ronald Cheng and Sandra Ng made guest appearances.

Fans also expressed their happiness over Lau's getting back on his feet after he recently announced that he has recovered from the accident he got in January. It can be recalled that he suffered a fall off the back of horse earlier of 2017. This caused him to leave showbiz for a short period of time and he even cancelled his year-end concerts for his treatment.

Because of the incident, Lau reportedly wanted to arrange new concerts next year to keep his promise to his fans that he will perform once he is healthy and well.

The singer also performed a mini-concert with singing and dancing performance to show to his fans that he has healed. However, some fans were still worried and asked him to do it slowly and not exert his energy so much.

A video showing Andy's road to recovery was also played during the event. It showed his Malaysian former beauty queen wife, Carol Chu, constantly being by his side together with his 5-year-old daughter Hanna, who could be seen giving him massages and helping him wash his feet. This came as a relief to many that he had people around him to aid in his recovery as it was previously reported that his help was limited in his all-female household, Toggle reported.

Andy Lau will turn 56 years old on September 27. He has also appeared in the action film "The Adventurers" which is currently showing in cinemas.



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