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- December 18, 2017 -


5 Steps To Change a Bad Habit

By M. Grace
on September 24, 2017 03:09 AM

Smoking is a bad habit: (credit: Pixabay)

We all want to simply get rid of some unwanted habits; perhaps it has to do with troubling eating habits, procrastination at work or some other habits.

However, changing a habit is much harder that we might think. Letting go of a long-term pattern of your behavior can be difficult and maybe, impossible to do.

So, here's some basic steps to consider in forming new or changing bad habits:

Determine the habit you want to change.

This is the basic. We need to know and identify the problem before we address them. Consider the thing you want to change. Specify and identify what change and how you will change this habit.

Clarify with conviction that you want to change the habit.

We need conviction in order to change. We must have a heart-change and an attitude that is willing to change. Conviction is the fuel that drives the engine of change as they say.

Outline steps in forming new and good habits.

Begin with small and attainable steps that will lead you to your goal. You must establish new routines and repeat it religiously. Someone has said "Your reach must always exceed your grasp if you are going to keep growing." While this is true, ensure you always have attainable steps in front of you.

Prepare for obstacles.

With every new habit formed, some obstacles may come your war. There are other things which will interfere with your new goals. For that, you have to prepare and plan to overcome these challenges.

Celebrate small and large victories.

Give yourself a clap and congratulatory statement or even a thumbs up for a good job done. Forming new good habits may be hard but with great perseverance, you will eventually leave the bad habits and will be inspired to do more good, especially for God.



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