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Singaporean Jazz Singer Joanna Dong Makes It to Sing! China Finals

By M. Grace
on October 02, 2017 21:10 PM

Joanna Dong: (credit: Youtube Screenshot)

Singaporean jazz singer Joanna Dong is the second singer from the same country after Nathan Hartono to make it to the Sing! China finals.

Dong was pitted against her fellow Singaporean contestant and team member Olinda Cho from Team Jay Chou.

Other members of Team Jay Chou include Malaysian student Janice Tan and Darren from Xinjiang.

Both the Singaporean contenders performed a duet with the guest Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu. Dong performed the song titled " True Love Song" while the 37-year-old Cho performed Jay Chou's hit song, "Silence."

"One is robust, while the other is soft. One is like a raging storm, the other like a soft gust of wind," Yu, who was a mentor on the first season of the China's reality singing program said about the performances of the two Singaporean singers.

Dong beaten Cho and won 51 votes to six from the mentors and panel members. Dong also performed "Open Arms" and "Lover's Tears" for her solo performance against Darren, who performed "Dear Friend."

Dong beat Darren, making her Jay Chou's choice to represent his team on the finals.

Cho gave Dong some words of encouragement, advising her to "have fun, enjoy the stage and just be herself," as per Today Online.

The two singers have reportedly grown closer during the competition.

"We are on the same team, but we fight as a team. We fight against each other as friends. When I met her in Singapore, we started out as strangers. And today, we are friends. But I guess after this journey, we will end up as family," said Cho.

Sing! China finals will be held on October 8.

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