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Las Vegas Shooting: Donald Trump and First Lady Melania To Visit Victims

By M. Grace
on October 04, 2017 22:10 PM

2017 Las Vegas Shooting: (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

United States President Donald Trump, along with First Lady Melania, reportedly left Wednesday, October 4 for Las Vegas to visit and speak with the survivors and families of the victims of the mass shooting that left 59 people dead and 530 injured.

"It's a very sad thing," Trump told reporters."We're going to pay our respects."

"The police who have done really a fantastic job in a very short time," he commented. "And yeah they're learning a lot more. And that'll be announced at the appropriate time. It's a very, very sad day for me, personally." 

He also commended the police for reacting and doing their part as fast as they could, adding that police authorities were able to find the shooter and stop him from killing more people. He described the reaction as "miracle."

Trump shared with reporters that he was already briefed on the investigation of Stephen Paddock. However, he declined to comment about the motivation of the shooter and just said that the suspect was "a sick and demented person."

Meanwhile, due to the mass shooting, some lawmakers are pressuring Donald Trump to focus on gun laws and control but the US president declined to discuss more about it.

"We'll talk about that on a later date," he said.

It can be recalled that on October 1, 2017,  a mass shooting occurred at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The gunman, whose name is Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire on the festival from his hotel room, 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

The said mass shooting surpassed the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting as the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in US history.



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