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The Grammy’s Talk About BTS

By Faith Magbanua
on October 06, 2017 19:10 PM

BTS: (credit: Facebook)

The official website of the Grammy Awards featured an article about BTS, their success and their potential.

An article posted on October 3, entitled, 'BTS 'DNA' Video Tells 7 Members' Stories With Color', was published on and gives a brief rundown of the K-pop group, their victory at the recent '2017 Billboard Music Awards' and the inclusion of the group's song 'DNA' in Billboard's 'Hot 100'.

BTS is the first Korean K-pop group to ever receive an award from the prestigious Billboard Music Awards (BBMA), which made them popular internationally. The positive impact of the award had immediately opened the invisible barrier that, somehow, separates the Asian artists from the Western ones.

However, the write up also sheds light on BTS' great potential, stating, "There's no telling how high up the charts BTS Will go."

According to the Grammy article, From No. 85 on the week published Oct. 7, the BTS hit jumped to No. 67 for the Oct. 14 published period. "DNA" is now the highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 title by a K-pop artist or band. In 2009 Wonder Girls reached No. 76 with "Nobody."

While there are still a lot of K-pop groups who are yet to be discovered by the international fans, the industry has been growing in their homeland for some time now.

From fashion to aesthetics, the K-pop industry has affected South Korea in a vast extent that everyone who sets foot in the country will most likely be in awe. For one, Koreans are diverse and nationalistic, however, the one downside is that the Koreans sometimes base things in countries like London, Paris and America.

There's a even YouTube segment tackling about "Korea's counterfeit fashion" and speaks in volumes.

They held up a high regard for aesthetic and art; but, other Korean fashion experts says that the generation of Koreans today have so many inspirations from outside Korea that the culture is no longer being preserved.

Furthermore, the era of a K-pop band receiving and award in the US is a huge deal, not just for BTS but for Asian artists all around the globe. 

Meanwhile, BTS will be reporting on the top 40 BTS songs as voted for by fans, and will also have the chance to perform "Lost" and "Cypher Pt 4" for the first time on a live broadcast. The members will also be going against each other, splitting into two teams for "Dope" and "DNA". They will also be having a mini-drama 'Bangtan Boss', where their resident maknae Jungkook will be taking the role of the chief.

The Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy is known for honoring outstanding achievement in the music industry, mainly by English-language productions. It's uncommon for a K-Pop group, or an Asian artist, in general, to be featured on the official website.


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