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- December 16, 2017 -


To Christian Undergraduates in Small Cities: Be Good Students

By CCD contributor: Xiao Bin
on October 10, 2017 23:10 PM

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I live in a third tier city where there are only ordinary universities and no famous colleges. This month the universities start and the new semester begins. 

It's not easy for Christians to keep their faith in the schools. We spend much time on our faith: Bible reading, praying, attending services, and fellowship activities. However, all this cannot improve our grades. We should be clear that what we pay for our faith is a response to the salvation of Christ giving up his life for us. We have got our reward --- eternal pleasures --- in our mothers' wombs. Throughout our life, we need to pay the price most people do not understand of practicing our faith, but we are willing to do that. 

We always claim that Christians are the light and salt of the world. The light should shine in the darkness and salt season the world. Are those who enter universities at the bottom after performing poorly on the gaokao, the national higher education entrance exam, disheartened and do they give up?  When God closes a door, he opens a window. This rule is always applicable to human beings.The road to success for everyone is different since all roads lead to Rome. 

Comparing family backgrounds, physical attractiveness, education, and ability with others is actually a snare. We have no choice in our families and we are born with our appearance, but our temperament can be changed; an academic qualification decides where most people start their careers; abilities result in how far we can go and the height we can reach.

For a student, is there anything better than good grades to demonstrate their identity as the light and the salt?  Apart from this, a good personality becomes the icon of Christian identity.  Different people with strong morals can be the salt, whether a student, employee, worker, or scholar.  For being the light, a student should get high grades, an employee outstanding achievements, a worker good skills, and a scholar excellent works. So for Christian undergraduates whose mission is to become the light and the salt, keeping a strong sense of morality and good academic performance is a natural thing. 

Moreover, there is a saying that God helps those who help themselves. Diligent Christians reap both worldly rewards and heavenly blessings because they know they we work for. 

Many Christians complain that they don't how to share the gospel. Instead, try to be a preeminent Christian student at the present stage. It's the best evangelistic way. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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