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- December 18, 2017 -


Kris Wu and Luhan Net Worth Revealed on 2017 Forbes China

By M. Grace
on October 11, 2017 16:10 PM

Luhan and Kris Wu: (credit: Facebook)

Former EXO members Kris Wu and Luhan may have been tied up in a messy lawsuit with their previous agency, SM Entertainment, but thanks to their fans that they did not yet stopped working or earning.

In fact, it have been reported that Kris Wu and Luhan have been working very hard since their departure from the popular boy group, EXO.

According to the reports, the Chinese artists were both listed on 2017 Forbes China's richest celebrities. Kris Wu was ranked number 10 while Luhan was ranked number two.

It can be recalled that some speculated that Kris Wu and Luhan's earnings in China seemed to be greater than their income way back when they were in EXO.

"At least 20-30 Chinese celebrities make approximately 100 million yuan (approximately $17.5 million) a year. However the income of Korean celebrities is far less. So if an artist has to choose a market to work in, the answer is quite obvious," said Chinese entertainment expert Wang, as cited by Koreaboo.

Currently, Kris Wu is promoting his newest single "Deserve" which featured the American rapper, Travis Scott.

Meanwhile, Luhan recently shocked the world when he took to Weibo and revealed he is in a relationship with actress Guan Xiaotong. The singer and actor is reported to be starring in a new drama series together with his current girlfriend.

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