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- December 18, 2017 -


Chinese Cosplayer Liu Youling Dies after Drowning in a Photoshoot

By M. Grace
on October 11, 2017 16:10 PM

Liu Youling: (credit: Weibo)

Chinese famous and talented cosplayer named Liu Youling has drowned in a pool during a photoshoot in Saipan which caused her death.

According to a Chinese media outlet, Liu and the crew were having a photo shoot at the Sea Fun Villa on September 25 then suddenly, Liu and two other people fell into the water. Liu and the other two were unable to swim. Liu was rescued only after two to three minutes after hotel staff pulled her up.

"They did not know how to swim in the deepwater area," a source told a Chinese media outlet. "The other two women also went down, but they were found earlier and could be rescued."

She was then taken to the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation in the afternoon wherein she was in a state of coma. The next day, the doctors announced her death due to lack of oxygen reaching her brain.

Qi Bao, the company who organized the photo shoot reportedly held a memorial service for the young cosplayer in September 30.

Liu was a famous freelance photographer as well in eastern China's Hangzhou wherein she took pictures of cosplay models.

According to Metropolitan Daily, before the accident, Liu was going to Saipan for a Japanese-themed photo shoot.

"A photography company organised a crowdfunding event, and asked web users to crowdfund their favourite models and she (Liu) won," Liu's apprentice said.

Meanwhile, Liu, who is better known by her nickname "Jovie" had over 155,000 fans on her Weibo account, who mourned her death.

"Every day I check your Weibo in the hopes to see an update on your blog," another netizen wrote: "I hope it is all just one big joke."

Another netizen said that Liu is far too young to die but she hopes that she can now choose the dynasty she wants to go to since she loved ancient costumes so much.

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