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- December 18, 2017 -


This Chinese Girl Group Follows Footsteps of BTS

By M. Grace
on October 11, 2017 16:10 PM

Acrush: (credit: Courtesy of FFC-Acrush)

A gender-fluid Chinese girl group recently debuted this year in April and fans turned their heads for their boyish looks. While it is common to debut with eye-catching, womanly features, this girl group is rather doing the opposite and follows the famous South Korean boy group, BTS.

The girl group named ACRUSH is a rookie group in China who is now gaining popularity on social media because of their boyish charms and looks.

Instead of following the girl groups in South Korea like Girls' Generation, the girl group is likened to the popular Bangtan Boys or BTS.

Many listeners also find their songs catchy and similar to BTS' "Fire," as it has rough and noisy sound that goes along with blaring and loud chorus.

When it comes to looks, the girls even look alike the BTS members which is possible because of their facial features, eye-makeup, fashion and hairstyles.

The Members

The girl group is composed of Peng Xi Chen, Lu Ke Ran, Min Jun Qian and An Jun Xi. All the members reportedly use gender pronouns and instead go by "meishaonian." The term is gender-free and referred to term meaning, "handsome youths."

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