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Beijing Gangwashi Church Holds Mid-Autumn Day Evangelistic Event

By Josiah Li
on October 14, 2017 02:10 AM

(CCD File Photo)The first time that Beijing Gangwashi held a music evangelistic meeting at its church courtyard.: People sit on the pews and others stood to watch the performance. (credit: Beijing Gangwashi Church )

On October 5, to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the Christian Gangwashi Church in Beijing held its first music evangelistic meeting in its church courtyard.

Red lights decorated the church and a row of luminous balls were placed before the entrance to the main hall. The pews were packed with people and many stood in the courtyard.

The church's official website reported that the performances included songs by the praise-and-worship team, choruses by the choir, and guzheng, guitar, and saxophone music. The evangelistic meeting also had an altar call.

The church provided prayer cards, mooncakes, and fruits. Residents from nearby communities were also invited to attend the event.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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