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- November 25, 2017 -


Wuxi Church Holds Visit Training

By Wuxi Church
on October 17, 2017 08:10 AM

Teacher Cao Jinsuo gave a lecture about demonic possession and psychosis to the visitation ministry of Wuxi Church. :

Wuxi Church held a training session on the identification of demon-possession and psychosis for its 35 volunteers in the visitation ministry on October 12, 2017.

Since there are many believers and few pastors in most Chinese churches, it's unrealistic that only preachers do visitation. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize volunteers into visitation ministries to cooperate with pastors.

Teacher Cao Jinsuo, the speaker, shared biblical perspectives of demon-possession and psychosis and the distinction between them in areas like causes, speech, expression, hearing, and rehabilitation. He said that engaging in activities of demonic spirits, family influence, and drug abuse may bring on demonic possession. The two-hour session also talked about four principles for driving out demons; preparation,  common phenomena during ceremonies for casting out devils, ways of forcing demons to show up, and handling follow-up affairs.

The feedback from the volunteers said that the good training class provided practical methods in detail.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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