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- November 25, 2017 -


Six Fishermen Missing in Australian Coast

By Faith Magbanua
on October 19, 2017 03:10 AM


Authorities are currently searching for the six Australian fishermen who got lost in sea when their ship sank on Monday. 

Authorities reports that the seventh man, who managed to survive the wreck, have been stranded for about 12 hours in waters near the Queensland town of Seventeen Seventy.

According to the local media, the man managed to survived by clinging to the boat's hull before treading water until he was seen by a passing yacht.

Meanwhile, search teams have found debris of the vessel but there is still no trace of the missing men.

The 17m (55ft) commercial fishing trawler, Dianne, capsized at around 19:30 local time on Monday (09:30 GMT) and sank about five hours later.

The rescued man was named as Ruben McDornan, reported that he had heard his crewmates trying to escape the vessel after it capsized.

McDornan was saved on Tuesday morning after a yacht crew heard his cries for help.

"It was only through sheer luck that a passing couple on a yacht managed to hear the screams of the individual that was rescued," said Queensland police Sgt. Jeff Barnett, the search coordinator.

"If it had not been for that we still wouldn't know."

Furthermore, the police said they had not detected any emergency transmissions or beacons from the vessel.

However, due to the wet weather, the search has been hindered on Tuesday. Search vessels, aircraft and local trawlers returned to the area on Wednesday to resume their search.

Poor visibility disrupts search

An air-and-sea search resumed at first light on Wednesday and will continue again early on Thursday morning and divers from Brisbane and New South Wales are joining the search.

Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Sam Campbell said conditions for the search on Wednesday were not ideal; but, it was better than the previous day.

The Queensland Police Service issued a statement on behalf of the families of the missing six fishermen.

"The families expressed their appreciation for the work that is currently being done in relation to the search for the missing men and the thoughts of the community, however they ask for privacy and compassion during this extremely difficult time."



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