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Church Helps Deceased Deacon’s Family Harvest Corn

By Cindy Zhang
on October 25, 2017 07:10 AM

About 70 members of Dongfeng Church helped harvest corn for Zhang Yuhong on Oct 16, 2017.:

On October 16, 2017, about 70 members of a Jilin church helped the family of a deceased deacon harvest around 7 mu (1.15 acres) of corn, receiving praise from a neighbor.

Jiang Baochen, the deacon of Dongfeng Church in Liaoyuan, Jilin, passed away last August at 51. After his death, his wife, Sister Zhang Yuhong, had to do all the farm work herself, such as reaping the corn which was ready for harvest.

The church pastor and workers planned to help with the harvest long ago and the congregation gave an overwhelming response to the initiative. All the corn was gathered into the family's barn.

Seeing this, Zhang's neighbor said, "Now a man is paid 170 yuan per day to reap corn in the rural area. You also have to pick him up in the a car and drive him back and offer him a lunch, water, fruit, and bread. You (church believers) worked free of charge, drove here, ordered box lunches, bought water, fruit, and gloves ... You were really thoughtful."

One of the church staff said that Jiang loved the Lord during his lifetime. "He worked in the church like at home without consideration of salary or trouble. His love for the Lord is now delivered to us." 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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