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Is Former EXO Member Luhan's Girlfriend Pregnant?

By M. Grace
on November 04, 2017 21:11 PM

LuHan: (credit: Weibo/ Our Street Style)

Former EXO member Luhan has been the headline for several weeks after he admitted he is in a relationship with a Chinese actress. Now, rumor has it that Guan Xiatong is already pregnant.

According to a Chinese media outlet as cited by AllKpop on November 1, the Chinese actress is pregnant and that Luhan is excited to get married with her. Rumors came after less than a month after the former EXO member confirmed their relationship.

AllKpop also noted that Luhan previously said that his parents would like him to get married early at 27 or 28 and wanted him to take a year off from the industry to focus on his baby.

With this reports, Guan Xiatong and Luhan, including their agencies are reported to be the trending and hot topics on Chinese search portals. However, the two are still mum about the issue. 

It can be recalled that Luhan publicly admitted that he is in a relationship with Guan Xiatong in a public Instagram post. While some fans believe that this is just purely for publicity stunt  since they will be starring in a new TV series, others were also supportive about the former EXO member's lovelife. 


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