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How can Overworked Christians Have More Time with God?

By Abby Peng
on November 10, 2017 01:11 AM

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Some people have to work extra hours and even late to complete their work, so there is little time for them to come near God. There goes a vicious circle.

How can overworked Christians find time to come near God and have sober and vital spiritual life? Rev. Terry Chan, director-general of Hong Kong Preach to the World Foundation, shared his suggestion on the issue with CCD.

Rev. Chan confessed that it was a common problem among Chinese Christian professionals that overwork left them little time to be with God.The case was especially true for young novices after graduation from college. Struggling to adapt to a new environment, they were prone to lose the balance between faith and work.

The pastor analyzed two reasons why they suffer: first of all, new graduates needed to adapt to their office life, totally different from their college life. The process of adaption was painful. However, they would work faster and less time with more work experience and developed skills. Secondly, they might have a wrong concept that the workplace is secular while the church is a holy place of God's presence. The misunderstanding probably resulted in an evasion of pain in the workplace.

Actually, a Sunday service was when we gave thanks and worshiped God and the workplace was where we experienced God's presence and help. Rev. Chan suggested workplace newbies to change their ideas and understand that the workplace was the best place to experience God's power.

We must learn dependency on God at work. For instance, learn to ask God to give you wisdom. Pray that you can make a more accurate budget for architectural costs more quickly. Before difficulties in work, learn to make a detailed prayer and commit problems to God. Meanwhile, notice how God offers his help during work. When you discern God's help, learn to share it with others and give a grateful testimony. It can encourage other people and strengthen your faith in God.

In addition, Rev. Chan advised Christian professionals to read or meditate on a passage of the Bible at lunchtime. Use a bible application on your phone to form a daily habit of meditating on God's word. Another advice was to find one or two spiritual partners to walk with you in the workplace. You could pray for, encourage, and support each other. Share your experience of relying on God in the workplace, too.

He emphasized the importance of sticking to attending Sunday service. Turn your work experience into praise to God. He added that many Christians keeping Sunday worship were able to manage working time better with the help of God.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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